Inversion Therapy is fast becoming a popular way to relieve back pain, decompress the spine, build core muscular strength and treat non-specific lower back pain.

Usually an inversion table is used to gradually tip the body upside down, while the feet are secured in a clamp. The patient, often in the comfort of their own home, slowly rotates themselves to varying degrees of inversion, often a full 180 degrees. Often inversion tables are used for fitness and muscular strength once inverted, to do sit-ups for example, and work on those abdominal muscles.

Inversion therapy can help people in different ways, and often has different effects on different people. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that inverting can help with years of spinal compression or back pain, but what is the scientific evidence that inversion therapy actually helps?

We’ve complied a list of papers which have studied the benefits and effects of inversion therapy for a wide range of treatments.

Inversion therapy in patients with pure single level lumbar discogenic disease: a pilot randomized trial


Adaptation of Tilt Table for Lumbar Traction


The Effects of Inverted Spinal Traction


Inversion devices: their role in producing lumbar distraction


The Effects of Inversion Traction on Spinal Column Configuration, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Perceived Discomfort


Effects of Gravity-facilitated Traction on Intravertebral Dimensions of the Lumbar Spine


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