When it comes to being an independent massage therapist it can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling job helping clients through tough times and getting them back on the road to recovery.

We have devised some great tips to get you started on your own road to success as an independent massage therapist. From uniform, to equipment and everything in between we will show you what it takes to be a cut above the rest.

Get the look

Set the standards high. Get a custom uniform made which looks exceptionally smart and displays your business name. If you look smart and professional this will make your clients feel at ease and assured they are dealing with someone who clearly knows their trade and how deliver an impeccable service.

Get the best equipmentAffinity Comfortflex Portable Spa Couch

First and foremost, the most important thing you can have as an independent massage therapist is the best quality equipment you can get your healing hands on. Not only will you be offering your clientele exceptional customer service, but also exceptional equipment too. As an independent massage therapist it is likely you will have a room of your own, but it also likely you will travel frequently as well to client’s own premises.  An excellent choice would be a luxurious portable massage table like the Affinity Comfortflex. Ensure your table is lightweight and durable enough for transportation, and it will be your greatest investment in your business and clients – remember this is the most important item you have for your business.

Don’t forget to ensure that your portable massage tables comes with a carry case, or depending on your precise needs, look at investing in a wheeled trolley.

“It’s always important to engage your client, be business savvy and most importantly know your anatomy. The better the massage bed looks, the more professional you look.” – Matthew Duke, Part time University lecturer, injury rehabilitation specialist and independent massage therapist

Market yourself

Business cardsIt is a competitive market so you want to make sure you stand out as an individual. Ensure your promotional material showcases your top of the range equipment and most important of all, your massage table, so people can see you’re second to none. Invest a little money into getting professional business cards and an online presence. Network with professional organisations and see if you can leave some leaflets or discount cards in the business. Introduce a recommend a friend scheme and let your clients spread the word for you.

Be at the top of your game

Therapists can get various qualifications and accreditations, which we’ll detail in an upcoming blog, so be sure to go that extra mile to be a cut above the rest. Ensure you have your qualifications and accreditations displayed for all to see.

By following the tips above, you are ensuring you are giving yourself the best possible chance of a successful and unravelled career as an independent massage therapist. Are you already a success? If so, we’d love for you to share with us some of your top tips!

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