Improve Joint Health

Decompression aids in joint lubrication by altering the pressure and suction forces within the joint, helping to stimulate the synovial fluid that nourishes the cartilage and enhances shock absorption.

Mobilisation and gentle loading of ligaments can help to increase the collagen content of the tissue, which results in increased ligament strength. Strong ligaments and muscles are vital for proper joint support, and help to protect against injury. Even the Army has utilized Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots to mitigate joint fatigue injuries. Just as you brush your teeth every day to maintain your dental health, you should attend to the health of your spine with a healthy routine. There is no miracle for back pain; pills to cover up pain do not address the issue, and surgery is a last resort option. Teeter is an affordable, natural, and easy to use piece of equipment that is backed by medical studies and endorsed by millions of people just like you.

Improve Core Strength

Strong abdominals, internal and external obliques, and lower back muscles are vital for proper support of the torso. Crunches or sit-ups on Teeter inversion tables is a challenging way to develop and define the core muscles.

Most training activities designed to build core strength must be performed with great technical accuracy or they can injure the back. Inverted exercises can target every core muscle without adding risky, compressive loads to the spine.

Inverted squats on the Teeter inversion tables provide a unique leg workout, strengthening the hamstrings and quads while sculpting the glutes.

And the Teeter is so easy to use…

  • Set it to your height, secure your ankles and relax. Weight displacement caused by simple arm movements give you total control over the speed and degree of rotation. Optional use of EZ-Angle rotation control allows you to pre-set maximum angle of rotation.
  • Benefits start at the gentle angle of 20°. Over time, work up to at least 60°, where the pressure is reduced to zero and decompression happens in just minutes.
  • Invert regularly! It only takes a few minutes to decompress the spine, and the stretch feels great and relaxes. Use the Teeter several times a day to achieve maximum results.

Increase Flexibility

Tight muscles or stiff joints can also cause imbalances, which can result in improper body mechanics and an increased likelihood of injury. Using a Teeter provides a natural stretch that gently elongates muscles and decompresses joints, enhancing muscle efficiency, and improving mobility and flexibility.

During a normal day, your joints and especially discs will lose fluid, resulting in a temporary height loss of up to 0.5″ – 0.75″! With the bones now closer together the range of movement is reduced. Inversion has been proven to increase intervertebral separation as it reduces the pressure on the discs and helps them to re-hydrate to restore shock absorption and flexibility.

Muscles adapt to bad posture. For example, with slouching shoulders the muscles in the chest shorten and those in the back lengthen. At some point is becomes to feels strange to stand properly. Inversion helps realign the spine and stretch the shortened muscles, many users report that they stand ‘taller’ and straighter after just a short inversion session. With continued use of the Teeter you may experience permanent improved posture.


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