Quick Clips: Video Examples & Useful Guides

Setting up your new Affinity Couch

How to adjust height - aluminium couches

How to adjust height - wooden couches

Setting-up your face cradle and arm-rest

How to adjust the lifting backrest

How to adjust the face cradle cushion

Using either the breathehole and face cradle

Using the face cradle as a headrest

Included with every Affinity purchase

Full warranty
  • Body Massage Shop has been supporting businesses and therapists for over 15 years, so all Affinity tables come with a 2 year guarantee on the materials and components, with an extended 10 year guarantee on the frame and legs as standard.
Lifetime support
  • We offer lifetime support as needed, with access to official parts, supplies and advice. If there’s a problem with your item in the future, just email us anytime.
Discount to students
  • We also offer a discount to any student or therapist currently undertaking a courseclick here to let us know prior to placing your order.

New: FAQs about our Affinity Tables & Couches

Why and how to order Affinity.